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When I Left The Bakery And Was Crossing Bruul Street, Matthias Called Me By My Name.
A Second Before I Almost Killed My Goldfish, Petter.
When I Got Back From The Market; Spilled My Coffee And Scared My Cat, Marc.

'Mechelen Stories' comprises a captivating array of artworks that transcend conventional artistic techniques, delving into the realm of original thought and boundless exploration. This collection mirrors the artist’s evolution, an odyssey marked by a relentless quest to convey diverse concepts and narratives within each canvas. From dynamic forms in motion to evocative textual motifs, and symbols, every detail assumes significance.
These creations are a manifestation of the artist’s imagination, inhabiting the liminal space between reality and reverie, where the creator deftly manipulates perspective, dimensions, and luminosity to unveil tales. The canvases often extend their boundaries, integrating additional elements such as rugs or other suspended installations, thereby granting the artwork an avenue to transcend its conventional confines.

Mechelen Stories collection

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