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Elena Kiannu is a spatial artist dedicated to the exploration of movement, color, shapes, and light in combination with narratives and the existence of artworks in space.  

Her educational background aligns seamlessly with her spatial passion. Elena graduated from Helsinki Design School as an interior designer and later pursued the same discipline from a Service Design perspective. It was from this diverse background that the idea of creating narrative paintings that interact with space was born, where the painting is not merely a separate element of décor but becomes an inseparable part of the space.

As an artist, she developed her skills under the influence and guidance of her partner, who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts and later earned a Master of Arts in Helsinki. Elena primarily works with oil and complements her paintings with various interior elements, such as wall hangings, rugs, and cushions created using the punch needle technique. She always maintains a spatial perspective in her work.

Elena enjoys working at the intersection of different disciplines, in this case, bridging the realms of art and space. In her opinion, this transdisciplinary approach allows her to create unique pieces that form complete and adaptable compositions capable of enhancing any space.

In her artist statement, she says, 'My art is an exploration of movement, colors, and shapes that, when combined with a narrative, aims to make you smile and leave a lasting impression'.



Thomas More University | Space And Service Design — 2022
TAMK | MBA, Confluence Of Service And Interior Design — 2021
Helsinki Design School | Interior Design — 2018
Basic Art Education
Mechelen | Belgium

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