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When I Got Back From The Market; Spilled My Coffee And Scared My Cat, Marc. 

60x50x2cm, oil on canvas 
80x80cm, punch needle rug, wool

The first painting in a series of paintings called 'Mechelen Stories,' in which the artist explores situational art in a conceptual way. This diptych consists of two elements: a painting and a yarn piece. Since the story behind the painting is of great importance, it is presented as a separate piece that can be placed like a rug.
The artist was inspired by her life in Mechelen, a small city in Belgium, where people spend their Saturday mornings at a beautiful local market with a glass of white wine and delicious oysters. In this painting, you can also find the artist’s cat, Marc. During the creation of this artwork, the artist aimed to bring together moving objects as well as symbols of movement. The artist drew inspiration from the works of David Hockney, particularly 'The Little Splash (1966).'
The artist hopes that viewers can feel the carefree atmosphere of a Saturday morning in the city and also notice the movement in the objects depicted in the painting.
This artwork is a finalist in the Perception exhibition at Florence Contemporary Gallery.

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